The main aim of the Association:

ensuring the realization and protection of rights and freedom, satisfaction of public, in particular, economic, social, cultural, political and other interests of the members of the Association in the field of state customs, tax policy and government.

Area of focus:

  • legal and informational assistance related to customs
  • maintenance of relations with executive authorities of Ukraine, firstly with those, responsible for customs policy
  • arranging conferences/seminars with the participation of customs brokers, declarants and those, concerned with foreign economic activity and the representatives of governmental institutions
  • taking part in policy-making of the committees of Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, executive bodies
  • teaching and raising of skills level of declarants
  • collaboration with the Association of customs brokers of other countries and with other associations in Ukraine
  • participation in Pan European network of customs representatives – CONFIAD

Benefits of membership:

  • certificate of membership of the Association of customs brokers of Ukraine
  • right to use logo of the Association
  • possibility to include the information to the web of the Association
  • right to study free of charge at customs-brokerage and declarants course
  • special programs for customs brokers and declarants discounts – MD-Office and QDPro
  • discounts for the literature concerned with customs, which provides the Association
  • discounts for “Customs broker” magazine and advertising in it
  • right to participate in consulting bodies under executive authorities on behalf of the Association
  • other benefits identified by the Charter of the Association

Terms of membership

  • compliance with the requirements of Charter of the Association
  • admission and monthly fees payment